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Craters & Freighters is America’s leading specialty crating company. Most pack and ship companies have weight and size limitations. They also can't offer crating and container options for high value, heavy, fragile and unique items. Craters & Freighters offers crating solutions for all of the above!

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We are your one-stop resource for professional crating, packing and shipping. From pick-up to delivery, you can be sure the highest quality care will be given to your valuable items. That’s why Craters & Freighters is America’s Shipping Specialist.

We take care of all the details. We ship anything to anywhere – across the country or across the world.

We have 66 locations across the country ready to meet all your shipping needs. If it’s too big, too heavy or too valuable for anyone else, it’s just right for us.

Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters Requesting a Quote today!

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