Antique & Auction House Furniture Shipping

Antique and Auction Shipping Solutions


We understand that fragile and expensive furniture, be it antique or otherwise, requires proper handling and professionally-built containers to achieve the only essential goal: Safe Arrival. That is why Chicago’s auction houses’ domestic and international clients often turn to us for packing, crating and shipping solutions for their antique furniture purchased at auction.

Some companies who advertise themselves as “antique shippers” are actually only forwarders or brokers who outsource the most critical task in the process, namely the packaging and crating, to other “affiliates”, quite often us, in the Chicago area at least. Other “antique shippers” are moving & storage companies who blanket-wrap only and who, necessarily, besides having a higher damage rate, are not able to provide export shipping, which always requires export crating.

  • All goods are picked up by our personnel.
  • Wooden packing cases are our standard.
  • Corrugated containers are available on request and are quite acceptable for relatively low-value furniture having domestic destinations.
  • Domestic transport by standard air or ground for cost savings.
  • Export shipments by commercial air or by sea.
  • Full insurance coverage, with no deductible,is available for all shipments.
  • Workshop graduate - Campbell Center For Historic Preservation Studies

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